The Professional Aviation
   Board Of Certification

GPPC Phases of Development, Timeline and Stakeholder Services

Three Phases of GPPC Development:

  • Preparatory
  • Fundraising   -    (not illustrated: duration, as long as necessary)
  • Months   1 - 12   standard-setting
  • Months 13 - 24   test development
  • Launch
  • E-1:    1st  year    of GPPC testing using the full series of exams
  • E-2:   2nd year
  • E-3:   3rd year
  • E-4:   4th year - projected year in which exam is self-sustaining
  • Operational

When annual test revenues equal or exceed the cost of operation for three years in a row, the GPPC will be considered to be "Fully Operational."

GPPC Timeline(dates contingent on funding)


GPPC Stakeholder Services

The graphic above shows the services that are planned as part of the GPPC and the year in which they will be introduced. Once launched, each service is expected to be ongoing.

Standards, Outcomes, Exam Feedback and recommendations for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) are planned as services that will be delivered via the web at no charge.

Study Guides, the Exam (E1-on) and Renewal Exam (ReE1-on) will be fee based services.

Advanced Assessment Research will be funded by grants, not testing fees