The Professional Aviation
   Board Of Certification

Standard: Internal-External Oversight

PABC's standard-setting, testing and general operations will be overseen by PABC's Board of Directors and external audits conducted by the U.S. affiliate of the International Standards Organization (ISO). This dual accountability is regarded as a "best practice" and is considered quite sufficient by certifying  bodies worldwide.  

A Third Layer for Safety

PABC believes, however, that the global safety impact of this certification process deserves more - a third layer of oversight to ensure that PABC's  operations and resources remain focused on training and testing issues and standards that fairly and equitably serve all stakeholders.


PABC proposes that an independent and globally respected aviation safety organization, such as the Flight Safety Foundation or the Royal Aeronautical Society be asked to provide this oversight function.

Broad Funding & Support

Launching and operating this certification program (scheme) is an expensive endeavor in terms of fiscal and human capital. We expect that it will be funded and supported by a wide range of donors from within and outside the industry. Donors deserve a system that ensures that their contributions are properly used and protected.

Sustainability - A Trust

The task analysis, standards, course objectives, examinations and other information developed through this effort deserve to be treated as a high-value public* resource - rather than the private property of PABC or any other certifying body.  

For this reason, PABC will create a trust for the safeguarding of this intellectual property with the executor being an organization like the Royal Aeronautical Society or the Flight Safety Foundation. The trust will ensure that funding, data, documentation and other work in progress or completed can be transferred to another service provider if PABC should prove unable or unfit to perform this function. In this way, the activities required to sustain this certification process will be readily transferable to a successor organization, without disrupting the operation of certification services.

*Public - used here does not mean that the public will have access to this information. It means that the intellectual property is used to support a public service. For test security and public safety purposes, the task analysis, examinations and a number of other documents in this trust will not be accessible to the public.