The Professional Aviation
   Board Of Certification

The Pilot Preparedness Gapis the steadily widening difference between the training and testing standards required for pilot licensure compared with the current needs of the air transport industry. The Gap is caused by the continuous and rapid advances in aviation technology and their impact on flight operations.  PABC’s Global Professional Pilot Certification (GPPC) is dedicated to permanently closing The Gap by updating its standards and testing so that they reflect the current level of technical knowledge, skill and competence required. GPPC standards will provide a common baseline for training and testing pilots in ab initio, bridge and MPL programs – the three most common training schemes in use today. In addition, pilots from other training systems/schemes, including military training programs, will be able to use this same certification to prove their preparedness as well. The GPPC Helps Stakeholders Stay Abreast of Industry Advances

In addition to testing, PABC will provide information and services to help instructors, employers, regulators, candidate pilots and other stakeholders keep up with the evolving standards by:

  1. Expressing standards as learning outcomes for course/program development.
  2. Reducing the cost burden of standard and exam development for state regulators.
  3. Providing exam feedback for pilot development and aggregate results for program improvement by instructors and training organizations.
  4. Promoting continuing professional education (CPE) and life-long learning for career pilots.
  5. Conducting periodic certification renewal.
  6. Advancing training and testing research through the International Journal of Professional Aviation Training & Testing Research (IJPATTR).