The Professional Aviation
   Board Of Certification

The Operations Center describes our PABC Team, and the features and functions involved in developing and operating the Global PPC program (scheme).

The PABC Team
Our Team is comprised of five (5) world class firms. PABC is the certifying body responsible for developing and managing the Global PPC and is the principal or prime contractor, with each of our teammates serving as sub-contractors. For information on our teammates, click the links below:

PABC's Organizational Functions
This section describes the functions of our Stakeholders, ISO-required Committees and the activities performed by PABC and FPMR.

This section describes the roles and relationships of the following organizations in developing and operating the Global PPC:

  • ISO - the International Standards Organization
  • ANSI - the American National Standards Institute, the U.S. affiliate of ISO and the organization responsible for accrediting PABC as a U.S. registered certifying body. 
  • IAF - theInternational Accreditation Forum, the organization that promotes reciprocal acceptance of ISO-accredited certification between states.   
  • ISO Standards 17021 and 17024 - the criteria used by ISO to accredit certifying bodies like PABC and their certification programs (schemes) like the Global Professional Pilot Certification.

PABC's Strategic Plan
This section provides an overview of the development processtimeline, financial plan and key services that comprise the Global PPC scheme.