The Professional Aviation
   Board Of Certification

In addition to the exam, the PABC Team will provide the following resources and support services as the GPPC program is developed:

  1. GPPC learning outcomes for educators, employers, pilots and regulators 
  2. GPPC study guides and sample tests for pilots
  3. GPPC exam feedback

a.Confidential - for pilots that have taken the exam

b.Public/aggregated - to help educators improve their courses

4. Continuing professional education

5. GPPC renewal testing - to keep the certification current

6. IJPATTR* Journal - a research reference for aviation educators, course developers, training device designers, and test developers.  *International Journal of Professional Aviation Training and Testing Research

7. Website resources

a. Aviation safety, regulatory and best practice information

b. Aviation education information for instructors and developers

The IJPATTR Journal and website resource listings are already active.

Items #1-5 above will be created as part of the standard-setting and test  development process. Each item listed is a customary feature of professional certification programs (schemes). The specific scope and nature of each item will be defined by our stakeholder subject matter experts (SMEs). For this reason, we can only offer a general description of these features at this time.