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The Reseach Links page provides links to a number of aviation related research organizations, both public and private. You will find important research papers on many of these sites and also information pertinent to aviation safety.

SA TechnologiesSA Technologies was founded by Dr. Micah Endsley, author of the most widely accepted definition of Situational Awareness. Her team continues to research, train, and educate institutions regarding situational awareness. If you are building a human factors course, there are many valuable papers located here for download. An excellent site.

NASA Human Systems Integration Division:  The Human Systems Integration Division advances human-centered design and operations of complex aerospace systems through analysis, experimentation, and modeling of human performance and human-automation interaction to make dramatic improvements in safety, efficiency, and mission success. The site offers descriptions of numerous research papers relating to human factors design and process.

NASA Flight Cognition Laboratory: Flying is predominately about sensing and interpreting information to build situational awareness (SA). The NASA Ames lab studies the underlying cognitive processes of pilots, air traffic controllers and similar skilled aerospace professionals. They have done yeoman work in this area and over the years much of their work has become classic for CRM classes. Many papers are available here for free downloading. Another excellent HF site.