The Professional Aviation
   Board Of Certification

FAA Website: The FAA website is an extensive repository of safety-related resources. Here you will not only find references to online versions of the FARs and Advisory Circulars but many resources in education, safety, safety statistics, etc. A good site to start any research project in preparation for building or updating curriculums.

Flight Safety Foundation: Flight Safety Foundation provides a forum where air carriers, manufacturers, suppliers, maintenance organizations, aviation regulatory agencies and flight crewmembers share information, ideas and best practices for safety. FSF, through its publications, shares critical safety studies, analyses, and articles of interest to every aviation professional. Membership to download the articles is free. A must-visit website.

AOPA Safety FoundationThe AOPA Safety Foundation has been in existence since 1950 and today provides a rich online resource of safety education, data and statistics on general aviation flying.

Aviation Safety Reporting System (NASA). By now everyone who has been in aviation any length of time should be familiar with the ASRS system.  More than just a “certificate saver”, ASRS has an online searchable database – a potent tool for educators, safety professionals, instructor pilots etc, to obtain factual data for building curriculums and training programs. A great site.

NTSB Aviation Branch: The NTSB Aviation Safety Branch provides a searchable accident database, significant aviation safety studies and aviation safety statistics. A must-visit site for any aviation educator or safety professional.

Aviation Safety Network: The Aviation Safety Network is a service of the Flight Safety Foundation. It provides data and statistics on aviation accidents and topics of related interest. A rich resource for educators and investigators.

International Air Transport Association: The International Air Transport Association website provides a number of resources for educators and aviation professionals including studies, training and other materials.