Becoming a Professional Pilot in the U.S.

The professional pilot career has MUCH TO OFFER — good pay, benefits, and working conditions. Flying is a respected profession — like law, medicine, and engineering. Demand for pilots will only increase in the years ahead.

While most pilots find flying to be enjoyable and financially rewarding, not everyone is well suited to the demands of this profession.

If you'd like to see if this career is a good fit for you, keep reading.

Professional pilots are held to high standards

This career has high expectations, including:

One example of a high standard: Being late for a scheduled flight can cost you your job.

A pilot's positive attitude makes a significant difference

It encourages instructors to help pilots learn what’s needed to successfully complete the course.

Caution: Pilots who are NOT willing to put-in the effort needed to acquire the knowledge and skills the profession demands will be quickly dismissed from most training programs.

Educational requirements

Flight hours requirements

$80,000 - 150,000

The cost of pilot training for cadets -- not including living expenses

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