Why PABC's mission?

For three (3) very important reasons:

  1. Recent research shows that over 50% of Ab Initio program graduates are NOT well prepared to enter Air Operators’ New Hire training programs.

  2. The global air transport industry now projects a growing pilot shortage that needs to be filled by well-trained pilots – from civilian and military training backgrounds.

  3. Aviation Regulators (the U.S. FAA, Europe’s EASA and 191 others) do NOT know WHY those Ab Initio pilots are NOT well prepared. So, PABC asks: Why? Who’s at Fault?

How PABC's Testing will improve New Hire Pilot Training 

After each test of a New Hire class, PABC sends a 1-page document to each pilot that shows how they scored on each of the 21 topics on our test. PABC encourages each pilot to use the results to improve their understanding of topics on which they had low scores, in order to be better prepared when those topics are discussed in class and/or in the simulator.

PABC calls this our "Test-Train" concept. By using their results for study, Pilots helped make themselves  better prepared when those previously challenging topics came up in class. PABC estimates that Test-Train can generate a 1-2% recovery of New Hire pilots who might otherwise have failed the course. For ALL INVOLVED, that "Save" IS a Big Deal.

As PABC test results reflect steady improvement in cadets’ test results, that data will provide evidence that PABC’s Test-Train concept is working to benefit all participants: Cadets, Funders, Ab Initio Providers, Air Operators and the flying public.  At present, the industry has no other metric for assessing that change.

PABC’s testing:


These two images reflect ways in which various parties benefit from this effort.