A closer look at flight training programs

Although research shows that 50% of Ab Initio Pilot graduates are not well-prepared, PABC does not know why that’s true. Was it the fault of the Pilot, Ab Initio Instructors, the program or its manager(s)?

That’s why PABC’s test is designed as NO Fault Gap Analysis tool to identify topics that are poorly understood, so Airline Instructors can address those topics and ensure Pilots’ readiness for Line Service when their airline course ends.

Schedule Professional Pilot Testing

PABC welcomes Airlines to discuss testing at your facility by calling or emailing us. We'll be happy to answer your questions and make the necessary preparations to conduct tests for your pilot classes.

NOTE: At present, PABC is only testing U.S. airlines that operate under FAA Part 121 regulations, expanding in the future to include Part 135. 

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Sample personal pilot results

Pilots receive their scores for each domain area (though not the specific items they failed), and can then understand the areas in which additional training may be needed.